Friday, February 1, 2008


The conservators who were appointed to manage Britney's assets have a huge authority, including changing the locks to her house and keeping out anyone they want.

The judge granted the conservators Jamie Spears and a lawyer co-conservators have the power to hire 24-hour security at her house, access her medical records and communicate with treating physicians. And Acess to Britneys fortune. They also have the power to make any decisions on her behalf, and can revoke any contracts she may have made recently.


The judge in the hearing today has issued a restraining order against Sam Lutfi ordering him to stay away from Britney Spears.

The judge found that Lutfi has been harassing Britney. Thus the civil harassment restraining order.

This will effectively bar Lutfi from going to the hospital.

The restraining order is in effect for 22 days.

Thursday, January 31, 2008


Last night, Britney's new psychiatrist went to her home and felt she was a danger to herself and others because of her reckless driving and because of her "downhill behavior." As a result, the shrink launched a plan (days in the making) to have Britney committed to UCLA Medical Center by calling the cops.

The cops knew it was coming. they were supposed to take Britney away the night before, but it was scrapped. Last night, it all went down according to plan. Cops even used code to acomplish the mission in transporting Britney to the hospital. Over the police radio, she was referred to as "The Package."

And when her mom, Lynne, got pissed off, accusing Sam of engineering the impending commitment. Brit told her to "shut the hell up." She demanded silence, sat on the floor and wrote notes to people who were there as they waited. When emergency personnel arrived, Brit went on the gurney without resistance.

When everyone arrived at UCLA, things got crazy. Jamie Spears began screaming at Sam Lutfi, accusing him of trying to control Britney's life. But as far as the doctors are concerned Lynne and Jamie Spears are not calling the shots. The guy for this at least for the docs is Brit's friend, Sam Lutfi.

Britney had something signed after the last episode and doctors are going to Lutfi for guidance. Jamie went off on Lutfi in the hallway, accusing him of trying to control his daughter.

Britney has been calm in the hospital, even taking "cigarette breaks."

If, Britney refuses to take her meds, the plan is for the psychiatrist to go to court and have Britney held for an additional 14 days, during which time he will be administer proper medications.

Britney has already been diagnosed with a bipolar disorder and has sporadically taken her medication. But friends say the meds just aren't working and Britney needs real help...has any one seen Dr. Phil?

Britney Spears Back In The Hospital On Emergancy Hold

Britney Spears was hospitalized at UCLA Medical Center for a psychiatric hold early Thursday morning, after being transported by ambulance from her Studio City home around 1 a.m.

"Spears was escorted by police and is on her way to get help." say's LA, police.

The singer, 26, was transported to UCLA for treatment and evaluation during a 72-hour emergency hold, known as a 5150.

"She went willingly. It was like something in her heart was telling her she should go. She knew something was wrong," acourding to Sam Lutfi.

Police or a mental health professional can request one if a person is deemed to be a danger to herself or others. (Spears was held at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on such an order earlier this month, following her Jan. 3 custody standoff with police.)

Spears's mother, Lynne friend Alli Sims and Lutfi were all inside the gated mansion when police and the fire department arrived.

What brought on the hospitalization? "She was driving around her neighborhood like a mad-woman," says a Spears family source. "Britney has been prescribed medication which she refuses to take. This is just another sad, sad evening."

Lutfi and Spears's father, Jamie, arrived at the hospital shortly after the singer. Her mother was later spotted leaving the Summit home with Spears's photographer beau, Adnan Ghalib, in the backseat.
Earlier in the night, Internet rumors claimed that the singer had attempted suicide, but Lutfi and Sims both denied those claims to PEOPLE.

Since the January standoff, Spears has been stripped of visitation rights for her two sons Preston, 2, and Jayden, 1. Two sources have said she suffers from a psychological disease, with one source saying, "there is no question she is bipolar... she's had manic episodes for years."

As last night's incident unfolded, a Spears source told friends to simply, "Pray, please."

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


A rumor has started on The View,Barbra Walters announced that Sam Lutfi, Britney’s “manager” told her that Britney is seeking treatment. Britney has multiple personalities and needed the help we'll keep you up to date.


Britney Spears's friends announced that she was seeking psychological treatment, but hold on, not so fast the pop star was in the midst of yet another public breakdown.

The scene began Monday evening, Britney Spears and her confidante Sam Lutfi went for a short drive around Beverly Hills. When they returned to her Summit home at around 6 p.m., the visibly distraught singer – who appeared to be fighting with Lutfi – jumped out of the white Mercedes near the guard gate.

Spears, clutching her Yorkie puppy whom she call's London, wandered around with tears in her eyes and, at one point, sat down on the curb. "She looked completely lost," says those on the scene. Throughout it all, the gathered paparazzi snapped away.

Wearing brown high heels, cutoff shorts and a plaid fedora, Spears then seemed to downplay the incident, saying, "I'm fine. I'm . . . having a nice time with my dog." (She later hopped into a car with another photographer, Filipe Teixeira, who gave her a lift to Ralph's supermarket in Studio City, before bringing her home. He and another photographer pal were then invited inside, where they spent the remainder of the night.)

About thirty minutes later, the scene became even more surreal when Spears's paparazzi pal Adnan Ghalib – who'd been noticeably absent in recent days – showed up at the house. But the photographer was turned away at the gate and not allowed to get close to Britney.

Adnan Ghalib who recently dished on his relationship in a two-part interview on Entertainment Tonight and The Insider – proceeded to show his fellow photographers a series of text messages, allegedly from Lutfi, the sender calls Ghalib a "manic trigger" for Spears and adds ominously that any further contact between the two "will kill her."

Police cars pulled up to the house soon afterward, responding to a call from security at Spears's gated community. "Spears drove through the gates and paparazzi followed her car on foot," said LAPD Officer Mike Lopez. "By the time officers arrived, the paparazzi were off the property, but officers handed out citations for those who were illegally parked."

But Britney's crazy night was far from over. Her father Jamie and mother Lynne – who recently flew into L.A. from Kentwood, La., where she'd been holed up with Spears's pregnant sister, 16-year-old Jamie Lynn – arrived at the estate around 9 p.m. (Earlier in the day, Lynne had spent time visiting Britney's kids – Preston, 2, and Jayden, 1 – at Kevin Federline's house in Tarzana.)

The family reunion didn't last long, however – as Spears, clutching a bag, bolted from the mansion. She hopped into a car with Ghalib and the two sped off.

Once again Britney got a flat tire, the two pulled into a Chevron to pump air into the deflated tire, then returned to the Summit house – where mom Lynne, and the two photographers, still waited – at around 11 p.m. (Ghalib left soon afterward.)

Then Britney and her mom soon surfaced at around 1:30 a.m., with Lynne driving Spears to Longs Drugs in Studio City. Where her night soon ended.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


The judge in Britney Spears' other court case -- the one for driving without a valid license back in August continued the case for the last time. Superior Court Judge T.K Herman said if the legal matter is not resolved by February 20, it will go to trial.

Both sides are still working out a deal. We're told prosecutors wanted to put Brit on 12 months probation, but agreed to let go of probation if she agreed to pay the maximum fine of $3,000. Brit's lawyer, Michael Flanagan, won't accept those terms and wants the misdemeanor charge lowered to a fix-it ticket.